Emulator Playstation 2 (PS2) PCSX2!!

Emulator Playstation 2 (PS2) PCSX2!!


First of all, you need 4 basic things to play the game
1)The Game itself
2)A PS2 Emulator
3)A PS2 Bios
4)A Decent Computer

Reasons, for 1,2 and 3 are obvious. 4 is listed in order to play the game
smoothly. Do not even attempt to run the game on built in graphics unless
you enjoy watching slideshows.

Minimal Specs:
AMD XP/64 or Intel Pentium 4 (VM Built will not work with non SSE2 CPU's)
512MB of RAM
Pixel Shader 1.4 supporting card (GSdx Graphics Plugin Only)

Recommended Specs: (For reasonable performance in many games, but not all)
AMD64 X2 or Intel Conroe E6600+ (Multi Threading is supported in PCSX2)
512-1024MB of RAM (more RAM allows for VM mode to be stable)
Pixel Shader 2.0 supporting card (recommended GeForce 6600-8800 or equivalent ATi card)

Possible Ideal Specs:
64bit OS such as Vista or winXP64, to allow for future support of 64bit recompilers.
Future AMD or Intel Quad Core maybe needed, but currently the support of 4 threads is not handled by PCSX2, and the effect of threading out EE / VU is not yet known.
We don't forsee you requiring a GPU more powerful than the current generation of cards, up to and including the nVidia GeForce 8800.


Won't work or barely do anything:

Intel Pentium
Intel Pentium II
AMD Athlon (non-XP)
AMD Thunderbird
AMD Duron

Will work, but very slowly, possible problems:

Intel Pentium III
Intel Celeron (any P3 and above series)
AMD Athlon XP
AMD Sempron
AMD Turion

Will work without compatability problems, but will run slowly:

Intel Pentium IV (4)
Intel Pentium D - Probably works best in this group
Intel Pentium M (Dothan)
AMD Athlon 64 Single Core
AMD Opteron Single Core
AMD Athlon FX Single Core

Will work at a reasonably playable speed (this does not mean full speed):

Intel Core 2 Duo (and laptop Core Duo equivilant)
Intel Core 2 Quad
AMD Athlon X2 (and Turion laptop equivilant)
AMD Opteron Dual Core
AMD Athlon FX Dual Core

Laptop Processors:

We do not recommend the use of any laptop machines on the emulator unless otherwise mentioned above, if it supports SSE2 then it may work. if it does not have SSE2 then it is likely it will be extremely slow and have emulator compatability problems.

Graphics Cards:

Won't work (or very unlikely to) - Maybe possible with GSDX9 Software Mode (V. Slow):

Geforce 3 or below
Geforce 4 MX series - confirmed to be working but very slowly
ATi Radeon 8xxx series and below
ATi Radeon 9100
Most onboard graphics cards (excluding the Geforce 61X0 series and 5200 Go)

Will work but require GSDX9 - Very poor performance:

Radeon 9200 - Reported to work with ZeroGS too!
Radeon 9250
Intel GMA950 - confirmed to work
Geforce 4

Will work on both graphics plugins, but possibly poor performance:

Radeon 9500 to 9800 series
Radeon X300 to X8x0 series
Geforce 5200 (Go included) to 6500 series (also including Geforce 61x0 onboard series)
Geforce 7100 - need confirmation

Will work at a reasonable to very good level of speed with both plugins:

Geforce 6600 series and above (excluding above mentioned)
ATi Radeon X1300 series and above - need confirmation for X1300

Other Hardware Recommendations:

512mb of above of System Memory
Windows XP With Service Pack 2 - Note: Some versions of XP may not work with the VM build (Brazilian known not to work, see update below)
Windows 2000 - Requires the TLB build (pcsx2t.exe)
Windows XP 64 With Service Pack 1 - confirmed to be working
Windows Vista 32/64 - Works on both builds, for VM to work, you MUST manually enable SE_LOCK_MEMORY (Confirmed by GeneralPlot)

Setting up the Emulator

1. First of all, obtain the things needed for the tutorial. I assume you are
reading this on your own computer and not at some cybercafe. Before
even downloading/borrowing the game you wish to play, CHECK THE
COMPATIBILITY LIST. If it is listed as Playable, proceed to next step.
If not, sorry, but you'll have to wait for the next release. I'll update my
thread as soon as its released. If you game is not listed, you may proceed
to give it a try. Who knows, you may get lucky.

2. After confirming your game can be played, obtain your game by
whatever means needed, then proceed to download the various parts of
the emulator. After downloading, extract the Bios and put it into the Bios
folder in the place where u unzipped the emulator. All other plug-ins go
to the plug-ins folder.

3. After the above is done, execute pcsx2.exe Ignore all other variations,
unless u know what they are for. After running, click Config -> Configure
The first thing to check for is the bios. without one, you cannot run any
game. If the box under bios is blank, click on it and select a bios.

Configuring the Emulator
1. This depends mostly on your personal setup. The default plug-ins are
good enough, but if you are desperate, update to the latest plug-ins for
any scrap of improvements. Assuming you updated by copying to the
plug-ins folder, the new plug-in is not selected. If you know what was
updated, go to the appropriate box, click on it and select the new plug-in.

2. After all your plug-ins have been selected, click configure to configure
them according to your system. From the main PCSX Screen, click config.
I Recommend that you touch mainly on the following : Graphics, Sound,
Cdvdrom, memcards and CPU. Any patches available are run
automatically. This refers to GAME patches, and not patches for the
emulator itself. For example, for Guily Gear Accent Core, there is a patch
which removes the opening movie. While you may edit them, it is
recommend you leave these patches alone.

For configuaration, i recommend that you do it in this way. First, disable
all the graphic settings to their minimum, fastest, and run your game(next
step). If the framerates are acceptable to you, congrats, u may slowing
enable the eye candy one by one till either you are happy or frame rates
are too low. If it is too slow, then disable sound. If your game depends on
sound, you just like the music, or you have already disabled sound but it
is still too slow, proceed to CPU. If you have multicore should be enabled
if you have it. Enable it if it is not. At the bottom, is a section called frame

limiting. You should now play with this settings. Please note that this
increases frame rates by simply cutting out some frames. Therefore if
your game requires very tight/split second timings, like guitar heroes or
even Guilty Gear, turning on this options might be harmful. For example,
In Guilty Gear, the falling animation might be timed wrongly. One moment
a character might still be in the middle of a falling animation, the next he might have landed.

3. In order to run the game from an image, under configuration, select the Linuzappz Iso CDVD Plug-in. If you have mounted the image, or have the actual DVD Run CD/DVD.
If the Linuzappz iso Plug-in was selected, it will then prompt
you to select the image for the game. Once selected it will run.

PS: You should have other background apps stop running as well if you
are facing speed problems. Also, from the main PCSX2 screen, you can
select Run -> Priority -> High, but there is a risk you com may hang.

Emulator Playstation 2 (PS2) PCSX2!!